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“Healing and Deliverance”

Do You Need Healing? Do You Need Deliverance? Do You Want Spiritual Uplifting?
Do You Have questions about Self-Deliverance? Are You Looking for a word by word Prayer?

Healing and deliverance



Prayers that releases the power of God for Healing and Deliverance!

About this Book

This inspirational book is about healing and deliverance both physical and spiritual. Follow instruction for physical healing and inner healing with hands-on healing by using the Word and the Power of God. This book also teaches self-deliverance from demonic spirits and sickness, God’s blessings and prosperity through Abraham’s Covenant, the Crucifixion and Salvation, and so much more are covered in this book.
Listen To Your Heart.

Your perfect handbook for Healing and Deliverance

Healing & Deliverance is the perfect spiritual water to satisfy a thirsty soul looking up to Heaven and waiting upon God Almighty for Miracles and Divine Manifestations. It is an answered prayer for those seeking for a turn-around in all ramifications of life, be it spiritual or physical. It is the only book on the market that is written with a study guide, Bible scriptures, and step-by-step prayers to use for your situation!


Healing and deliverance


Perfect for Healing  

The bible quotes and Words of Knowledge declared in the Book link you to the Divine and show you your place in Christ, enabling a heavenly outburst of healing shower upon your life.

Perfect for Deliverance

The first step to total deliverance is knowledge of your true identity and personality in the Beloved. This is exactly what this book shows you. It points out to you the old beaten path to your deliverance.

Perfect for Spiritual Uplifting

Enough is enough of spiritual weakness and feebleness. Never again will you be pulled down spiritually with the undeniable Truth of the Gospel of Christ revealed in this book. The content sets your feet on the solid rock from the miry clay of spiritual weakness, and on the rung for ascension on the Spiritual ladder.

Perfect for Mountain-Moving Prayers

Enough of being a prayer assignment for others; it is high time you built a fortified prayer life by yourself! Get this book for perfect guidance on how to pray and pray through.

Perfect Answers for Bugging Questions of Life

Do you have questions about your spiritual life? Do you have questions about healing or self-deliverance? Are you confused and in a dilemma about what step to take next on any spiritual or physical issue? You can turn to Healing & Deliverance for perfect Heavenly-revealed answers to satisfy your soul’s yearn for answers.


Larry was at work and passed out on the job, he was rushed to the emergency hospital room where he found out that he had blood clots all over his body. Blood clots were in the back of his knee, blood clots in both lungs, all over his heart and blood clots in his brain. He was given this book “Healing and Deliverance;” he started reading the book and having faith that God would heal him if he uses the Word of God and the healing prayers that are in the book “Healing and Deliverance”. He is a Sunday school teacher at his church, but due to doctor’s orders to stay in bed and to stay home, he decided to use the book “Healing and Deliverance to teach his Sunday school class. By the time he finished reading the book, he went back to his doctor for a follow-up. The doctor ran a test and found NO more clots in his body; the doctor said, ” you can go back to work now,” Larry is back active and working in his yard and helping other people with manual labor.

He is telling his story about the book “Healing and Deliverance,” his healing from the sickness and the healing power of God Almighty.

Healing and deliverance                                                        



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Listen To Your Heart



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